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KDKB Celebrates 40th Anniversary Honoring KDKB's History

By Mariah Fleming & Dave Cooper


KDKB went on the air on Aug. 13, 1971. KDKB celebrates its 40th anniversary this Saturday, August 13th, with a party honoring the station's history. The event includes a concert at the Valley's newest club, The Foundry. The Tubes are headlining the KDKB 40th Anniversary Concert.

Paul Marshall, current KDKB Program Director, known as NeanderPaul, hosts the afternoon show from 3 to 7 pm. With 26 years of radio under his belt, he is enthusiastic about the 40th Anniversary events and why they came about. Marshall is interested in the origins of KDKB. "It started out as a way to show appreciation to the people who started this whole thing." Marshall said. “We wanted to reach out to some of the KDKB alumni and do a get-together. Now we have this big event. It’s great!”KDKB Arizona Sounds

Opening the Tubes show is an all-star ensemble of musical talent. It consists of KDKB morning show host, Sludge, and some regular listeners who auditioned for the gig. “Sludge is a great guitarist, and he created this band with some of our listeners. It’s awesome.” Marshall said. Sludge’s ‘Build-A-Band’ will be playing a wide range of familiar cover tunes. KDKB is inviting some of the veteran jocks to sit-in from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and talk about the early days. Maybe they will do some of their radio styles from that time."

Bill Andres will be on from 10 am to noon, Carol Springer and Mark in the Dark from noon to 2pm; Lynda Clayton 2pm to 4pm and original KDKB staff member Marty Manning along with Dennis McBroom from 4 to 6pm. Then they all head over to The Foundry to celebrate KDKB's 40th Anniversary Party with friends and fans.

Marshall has a lot to say about KDKB and shows a real appreciation for KDKB'S roots. “I was given a great opportunity in coming to KDKB. It’s a tremendous honor to be part of this rich heritage. Think about it -- 40-years -- that’s two generations." he exclaimed. Marshall shared some insight into how KDKB has been transformed in the ensuing decades. “The evolution of KDKB began with artists like Moby Grape and Crosby, Stills & Nash, then into Zeppelin and a whole bunch of great Rock & Roll over the years. Now it’s Ozzy and Pearl Jam." Long time Valley radio listeners know that four decades ago KDKB was responsible for starting the careers of many great talents, among them Steve Nicks, Alice Cooper, Jerry Riopelle and John Stewart.


"I say this with great humility, but I hope to be part of this as the next generation continues listening to KDKB,” Marshall said. KDKB started out as a totally free form radio format. "KDKB is one of only six radio stations left in America that have been playing rock for 40-years or longer. That’s amazing! KDKB radio is part of the Valley’s foundation.”

“To keep it going another 20 years would mean we’re doing something right because it’s all about the listeners. They’re the ones that keep us on the air." Marshall commented. That is a value KDKB shares with its original incarnation. As those of us who were listeners at the start know, the legendary KDKB that began in 1971 had a huge and devoted listener community. Bill Compton"When I’m on the air," Marshall said, "it’s really gratifying to think that I might help make someone feel better in what may have been a real lousy day.”

Marshall says that veteran Arizona concert promoter Danny Zelisko has been a big part of KDKB’s success. In addition to his career as an iconic concert promoter, Zelisko hosts the long running "The Regular Guy Radio Show" on KDKB. Zelisko started out as a concert promoter by forming Evening Star Productions.

Evening Star was the primary concert provider in those days. Evening Star brought a tremendous number of musical acts to the Valley. Zelisko is responsible shaping and maintaining a vibrant concert scene in Arizona. Later Zelisko worked with Live Nation. He left in the spring of 2011 to begin his current company "Danny Zelisko Presents" which started off with a big bang by doing a benefit in Tucson on March 8th. "Danny Zelisko Presents" is enjoying great success.

"Danny had a lot to do with the success of the Tubes." Marshall said. "With his new venue, The Foundry, pulling this whole event together was easy for Danny.""We’re grateful for his support.”


Series of KDKB interviews with KDKB air staff and others. First: Original staff Marty Manning; recording artist, Jerry Riopelle and "Johnny D's R and B" John Dixon share their personal memories about KDKB and Bill Compton.
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